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2015 Session Recap – Public Safety, Education, Health and More

In addition to the major progress made towards advancing democratic ideals, we also made huge steps forward on several issues close to my heart. Here is a report on some bills that I’ve championed for several years that finally became law this year.

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Your Oregon Democratic Majority at Work

The 2015 legislative session was filled with successes that are helping working families, protecting our kids and our environment as well as advancing social justice throughout Oregon. Here is a partial list of some of the major accomplishments from the past session.

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Lew speakingvertical cropresizedLew Frederick learned the importance of public service as a young man in Atlanta during the height of the civil rights movement, where a mentor once told him “Use the talents and opportunities you have. You’re supposed to make this world better for those who come after you.”

That mentor was the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Those words, reinforced by his parents’ example, led Lew to a career in public service. They still influence him deeply today, always urging him to make a difference, especially for young people.

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