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2011 Session Recap

I’d summarize the 2011 session this way: Some successes, some disappointments, some frustrations, and a profound and complicated learning experience. I got a few things passed in my first full session. None followed a straightforward path from committee to floor

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Remarks to Oregon PTA Convention, introducing Teacher of the Year

PTA Convention, April 15, 2011 Imagine that it’s now April of 2016, 5 years from now. Imagine that things have gone pretty well in the education world. I’m not talking about a totally rosy picture, but about 85% positive. Now

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Looking Ahead – 2011 Legislative Session

Public Safety and JusticeI am working on four bills relating to public safety. The first calls for an immediate investigation when police officers are involved in an incident resulting in death or serious injury. These investigations would be conducted by

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Remarks to Multnomah Democrats, Thursday, November 11, 2010

Legislators were invited to the Multnomah Democrats’ Central Committee meeting to talk about the election and the road ahead. The real meat of the discussion happened in the Q & A, but here are my opening remarks:   Multnomah Democrats

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Lew and Rep. Tina Kotek Speak on the House Floor Regarding Police Incidents in North and Northeast Portland

Lew rose to speak during the Remonstrances portion of the House floor session on Wednesday, February 17. Video is available here: The text of his remarks is below: A twelve year old I’ve known all his life told me

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Session Wrap Up – 2010

  A great deal was accomplished in the February, 2010 Special Session. I continue to be inspired by the opportunity to serve my community and serve with  this outstanding group of Oregonians. Fourteen bills were passed just to support business

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Lew speakingvertical cropresizedLew Frederick learned the importance of public service as a young man in Atlanta during the height of the civil rights movement, where a mentor once told him “Use the talents and opportunities you have. You’re supposed to make this world better for those who come after you.”

That mentor was the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Those words, reinforced by his parents’ example, led Lew to a career in public service. They still influence him deeply today, always urging him to make a difference, especially for young people.

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